That awkward moment when your other falls in love with Loki instead of your father in Tomodachi Life.

My mom kept falling in love with Dorian.  I know the awk feels.

You and Luna will be happy to know that Oleander and Luna are now dating. ^_^

Also, Datura wanted to date The Doctor. I told her no, but clothing cheered her up.

eeeeexcellent!!!! now if only they’d do that on elah’s game…….






I just sold all my T5 mats to make up for the gold I’ve already spent outfitting Amara and I’m still not done with her weapons.

Now the real question is, who do I want to level next?

Ok. I’ll make it easier. I got Pixi: Asura Warrior Level 21, Rutabaga: Sylvari Thief Level 3,…

Salad ranger. SALAD RANGER. no bias at all here

Logically Pixi probably would make the most sense, but consider the following:

  • Warriors are hella easy to level, so you might want to get the more annoying classes done first.
  • salad ranger

I would have to agree with logic and go with Asura Warrior.

But…salad rangers…this is a difficult decision.

I’d say whoever’s the oldest of them. I believe that’s Pixi, right? Or is that Rutabaga…..EITHER WAY my vote is whoever’s older :)