So the Summer Sylvari Cosplay adventure for Luna, Elah, Anther, and I wrapped up with the end of Otakon this weekend. We had an absolute blast at both AnimeNext and Otakon 2014 this summer, meeting a lot of Guild Wars 2 fans from multiple servers and areas and getting tons of pictures, excited squeeing, and plenty of stares. We’ve learned a lot of craftwork from this summer, and though it’s seemingly impossible to not sweat profusely in those suits no matter where we were, it was all so totally worth it. :)

Ran into a group of swampbenders and the Commando from Guild Wars 1 who we’ve been seeing since last year, which was nice. Never ran into the one other GW2 cosplayer at Otakon that we heard about, unfortunately, but it happens.

It’s been great cosplaying such a beautiful race from such a wonderful game, and I appreciate everything we’ve done for each other, both in and out of game. Many thanks to ANET and the Guild Wars 2 team for the cosplay opportunity, it’s been a wild ride.

loads of fun, tons of laughs, and craploads of creepershots. gotta love it!!!